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What Is The Process Involved In Building A Veranda?

What Is The Process Involved In Building A Veranda?

That is a very good question We get asked it a lot. Do I build the deck first? Do I do my concreting first? Do I do my roof first? What is the process?

Is it the same process as building a home?

Most people believe that the process is the same as for a house, where you do your foundation and then you build the walls up from that. Not the case with a veranda. Because a veranda is self sufficient and is its own structure.

Should we do any landscaping or flooring first?

We like to go before any other landscaping or flooring is done The only time you may engage somebody to do flooring first is if potential preparation is required, such as:

  • There is an old concrete slab that needs to be ripped up
  • There is a very unlevelled ground and we are going to have to cut in to get the levels right.


But if we get to go before the concrete and decking it it does it gives you a better finished product. We get to go down into earth and put on our own fittings. Then the carpenter will come and build a deck around that. The concrete will finish up around us. Rather than having to bolt on to concrete; which although it can be done, and we do it quite often on existing concrete, it is a nicer finish if you haven’t actually done the concrete beforehand.


Decking you can never attach to. The decking structure was never built for a wood lift with our design and attachment methods. So we would have to actually lift up your deck so that we can go down into earth and then you’d have to engage your carpenter to come and build around.

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