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How Much Does A Veranda Cost?

How Much Does A Veranda Cost?

What does a veranda cost?

A lot of people, when they get us out to look, have no idea about the cost of these things. I can say that maybe the most cost effective design is a flat roof. And it will cost more if you are doing gables or curved roofs because there is more steel involved. And a curved roof will often go up in one day, other roofs can take longer, 2-3 days. And that can be reflected in the cost.

It is a bit like asking what is a car cost. Do you want a Toyota or a Ferrari? You get what you pay for. But I think it could be stated right at the start. We are not talking hundreds of dollars. We are talking in the thousands of dollars. Everyone seems to know what a swimming pool is going to cost them, what a top barbecue is going to cost them. You do get what you pay for with a veranda.

Bigger verandas

And it is worth mentioning that the bigger those things become, the more cost effective it is. hat does not mean it is getting cheaper as it gets bigger. It is just costing less per square metre. There are also quite a few different factors as well; like height and all these other things.


That is why we actually need to come out and look at the area. And then we can basically make an assessment and price it up accordingly.

Does my house affect the cost?

In some instances your house alone can really dictate the cost, such as:

  • type of the house.
  • the height of the fascias.
  • are you on a slope?
  • do we need to we need to use structural columns?
  • what the house is made of?

How do our costs compare?

In the open marketplace our customers get the fairest price. At the end of the day, we are in a very competitive industry. And most of the time, the costs right through the industry are pretty much more of a muchness. We are very competitive with our costs

Many customers say to me that ‘the quality way outlasts the price’. That is the same old saying, ‘you pay for what you get’.

Quality is more important than price.

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